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Advancing the Threat Stack Brand

Threat Stack’s Marketing Director explains why his relationship with Printex continues to grow after more than a decade of business:

Over the past 10 years, there’s been an explosion of online print and promotion companies that promise top quality items at unbeatable prices.  In my experience, the only thing that these companies consistently deliver on is falling short on expectations. Printex on the other hand has never failed me. They are more than just a printing company; they are an extension of my marketing team.  They consistently deliver high-quality materials on time and on budget, even when the competition said it wasn’t possible. I trust Printex for my printing and promotional needs, because I can rest assured knowing they’ll come through, no matter what.

How Printex Delivers:

Here are some of the brand-building projects Printex has supported:

  • Business Cards
  • Stationary
  • Sales Collateral (Datasheets/Whitepapers)
  • Promotional Items (Water bottles/T-shirts/Polos/Pens)
  • 3D Mailers
  • Postcards

What Threat Stack Says About Printex:

“My relationship with Printex continues to grow after 10 years because of the exceptional service and value they provide.  Brand-building projects are often fraught with tight-deadlines, firm budgets, and high expectations… you need a partner that will come through when its all on the line, that’s why I use Printex.”

Director of Marketing, Threat Stack